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My name is Marjut. In my daily life I work a corporate job within renewable energy while constantly daydreaming of travelling to exciting locations.

me at Distortion, a street festival in Copenhagen

I was born and raised in Estonia but at the age of 19, I decided to sail away from the safe harbour and move to Denmark to get a Bachelor and Master’s degree and to experience what it’s like to dive into an unfamiliar culture.

I believe my interest in travelling stems from the fact that I started travelling with my family at a fairly young age and already as a kid, I truly enjoyed being on the road. We had a tradition every summer to head to some country in Europe and camp there for two weeks. As in, sleep in an actual tent for two weeks! These days I rarely sleep in a tent, but the memories I have from those childhood adventures are quite vivid and sparked my curiosity to keep exploring the world ever since.

I’ve currently visited 45 countries and this figure keeps growing steadily every year. However, what I believe is more important than the number of countries visited, is the quality of the time spent while travelling. I’d never book a holiday to simply increase my “number” and to tick a country off the list. It’s not a competition! It’s about immersing yourself in the local culture, discovering hidden gems, and having adventures of a lifetime. 🙂

me, the person behind The Smooth Escape blog and my boyfriend

Most of the time I travel together with my boyfriend Fernando. I feel really lucky that he is as passionate about travelling as I am. Not only can we create a lot of wonderful memories together and always have each other’s back, but we can also share costs during our trips and always have someone to take travel photos with!

I think it’s fair to say that we travel quite a lot. To quote my dad, we are like “migrating birds”. During the past year (2018) we took 10 trips abroad (not counting business trips) in 8 different countries.

Aside from travelling, we like to fill our free time with doing sports, experimenting in the kitchen by cooking dishes from various cuisines, discovering our palate by tasting wines from different parts of the world, and well…. dressing up! Check out the photos from some of our costume parties below!

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